“Dr Pavey is a rare find in the world of cosmetic procedures – a fully qualified GP with a range of the most up to date treatments at her disposal and who you can trust completely to give unbiased advice about the best treatments for you as an individual. If she doesn't think a treatment is right for you she will say so – and suggest a better alternative. Now that I have found her I simply would not go anywhere else!

Under her guidance I have enjoyed amazing results from the Obagi Nu Derm products - I can also strongly recommend the Obagi Vitamin C serum and Elastiderm eye treatment which together have made a really noticeable improvement to the skin around my eyes.

However I would save my greatest praise for the wonders of Cool Sculpting – I was sceptical of the claims but it has exceeded all my expectations – particularly in treating the dreaded 'bingo wings'! Why didn't someone invent this years ago? Amazing results!”

Lesley Sewart (International Tax Manager) Treatment Received: Coolsculpting Obagi Nu Derm Thread Vein removal Total Amount paid : Undisclosed
"To be honest I was a little apprehensive about going somewhere new for treatment. I have had it twice before and I was very happy with the result. However I was travelling a long way and the prices there were going up way too much.