“I love the way that Botox has not only altered my looks, but my whole outlook. My self-esteem has improved and how I feel about myself. Botox has eliminated the terrible frown which made me look old and angry, even when I wasn’t but Dr Pavey made me feel at ease about having Botox, as I was concerned about having needles injected into my forehead and about the long term effects of Botox.

However I was surprised how quick and painless the procedure was and I have had no side effects from the treatment. I have continued to have routine Botox injections from Dr Hayter over the last 2 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to family or friends.”

Sarah Treatment Received: N/A Total Amount Paid : £300
“Dr Pavey is a rare find in the world of cosmetic procedures – a fully qualified GP with a range of the most up to date treatments at her disposal and who you can trust completely to give unbiased advice about the best treatments for you as an individual.