This treatment involves the re-introduction of a client’s own blood plasma which is naturally rich in growth factors. These will stimulate DNA repair, heal scars and makes dry, wizened, wrinkled and lacklustre skin look and feel younger. This is a natural way to replace some lost volume and it has also been proven to prevent bone regression which is a major cause of facial ageing. A 20ml sample of your own blood is taken and separated by the doctor which harvests approx 10ml of pure platelet rich plasma which will then be re-injected in a customised way depending on your individual need. Optimum results are seen with a course of treatments.
  • 1 session £400
  • 3 sessions £1000
"To be honest I was a little apprehensive about going somewhere new for treatment. I have had it twice before and I was very happy with the result. However I was travelling a long way and the prices there were going up way too much.