Welcome to Henley Medical Aesthetics

Our aim is to help you look better and feel better

We are experts on skin and offer the following specialised skin treatments:

  • anti-aging injections such as Botox
  • dermal fillers
  • minor surgery to remove unsightly skin lesions, moles, warts and skin tags
  • high quality skin care and advice which may include prescription-only treatments
  • treatment of unsightly veins

At Henley Medial Aesthetics all our skin consultations are with an experienced and highly qualified doctor

If you have a skin concern, ask for a no-obligation telephone consultation

Our passion in improving your skin means we are adaptive to new advancements in wellbeing and skin care and therefore we will be offering additional services as they arise. As a valued patient of Henley Medical Aesthetics by working with us to improve your skin and wellbeing you will be the first to know of these

Other Treatments Available

  • Private Immunisations including chicken pox, shingles and flu (in season)
  • Ear Microsuction to remove excessive ear wax causing hearing loss

Why book an appointment with Henley Medical Aesthetics?

  • Our skin doctors are among the most qualified and experienced in the area
  • We always listen to what you want and aim to improve your look in a natural, subtle way
  • Our many many returning customers are a testament to our patient satisfaction
"Good communication re appointment availability, competitive rates and really nice person."